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Keys to a successful Internet marketing plan

Discussion abounds on what is the key ingredient to a successful Internet marketing plan.  I think the key ingredient is to know your customer and understand their needs.  Once you have this information you can apply it to all of your online marketing components.  
Start with your Web site. Put on your “customer’s hat” and look at your site through their eyes.   Does your site meet their needs?  If the customer is looking for information is it easy to find? If they want to find your phone number and address are they listed on every page of your site?  Write down the top 5 things you think your customer wants when they get to your Web site and see if your site is meeting their needs.  Ask a couple other people who have not been involved in working on your Web site to review your site and go through the 5 needs of your customer.  Make any necessary adjustments to your site to make sure it is meeting your customer’s needs.  
Once you have your site tuned  and adjusted to meet the needs of your customer  it is time to focus on making sure your site meets the needs of the major search engines. Most of your customers are going to begin their search for a product or service using one of the top three  search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN. If your Web site is optimized properly you have a better chance of having a high ranking on these search engines and increased visibility during customer searches.  For a detailed description of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) visit
There are a variety of resources available to help you optimize your Web site. Google offers some free tools to get you started – 

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