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Want to know what your customers are thinking or want?

The beauty of the Internet is it provides an opportunity for live, two-way conversations between you and your customers.  One easy way to get your customer’s opinion and thoughts is to do an online survey.  An easy and inexpensive (free) tool to use for creating an online survey is  They have templates, great FAQ’s, samples and tutorials.


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A robust resource for starting and growing your business

Intuit has a great online business resource for small businesses. – The Place to Start a Business    There is information on everything from the basics of starting a business to marketing, taxes, financing, what to charge and more.  The forums are active with discussions on venture capital, going green, women in business, accounting advice, how to get your business online..

You can join the community and post your business and start online networking with other business owners.

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How can adding a White Paper increase my business?

One marketing component getting more attention lately is the White Paper. A White Paper is a report or article about a specific subject with a solution to a problem.  Adding a White Paper to your Web site is an easy way to add relevant content and reinforce your site as a source for information on your particular subject. It is also a way to encourage customers to sign up.  As an example a carpet cleaning company could write a White Paper on the best way to remove stains from carpet. They could post this article on their site or offer it as a benefit to signing up for their e-newsletters.  A helpful site for more information on White Papers is

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